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the debate between the senate candidates of -- in indiana. but first, how do you think the presidential candidates did in last night's debate? call in with your thoughts. when today's "washington journal" we will be taking time to hear from swing state voters, and decided voters, host: the middle east and domestic policy dominated the final debate. "the is dedicated to get your reactions. -- the washington journal is dedicated to getting your reactions.
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the numbers to call -- you can send an e-mail you can make a comment on twitter. cnn --obama wins final debate. but does it matter? three debates down and two weeks of campaigning to go. obama puts mitt romney on the defensive. on foreign policy on monday night. analysts giving him the victory in the final poll. now the candidates at the road for the final sprint to election day. focusing on battleground states considered still up for grabs and therefore vital. obama kicks off his america
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forward toure on tuesday with events in florida and ohio. but live on c-span. there will be joined by joe biden. while mr. romney and his running mate are presented the paul ryan campaign in nevada and colorado. those, too, on c-span. cnn poll of people that watched the debate should 40% favored obama compared to 40% for mitt romney.
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results considered statistically even under the margin of error. that is from cnn this morning. here is the headline in roll call -- obama attacks mitt romney. obama struck an aggressive tone from the start. repeatedly ripping into the gop nominee as unreliable and reckless. first call comes on our support mitt romney the . this is jim in new castle, delaware. what did you think of the debate?
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mitt romney never challenged him on how to the american people about the whole situation in benghazi. which is just disgusting. mitt romney never made him confront the idea of the whole muslim spring as the biggest problem that we have. and he never really backed up the fact that -- the renewed russian expansion as a problem. and obama is just smog and smirky. it just sickens me. but i think mitt romney is going to come off more to the point that he wants. i think for the undecideds. not really understand, i cannot understand where they are undecided by now. i think he did a better job. he just said what people wanted
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to hear. but as my opinion. host: role reversal. president obama and mitt romney reversed roles in monday evening's third and final presidential debate. the incumbent fought with the challengers on the gop nominee mostly avoided heated disagreement, except to make jobs on the economy. if obama looked too late romney out on the canvas and the republican preferred a rope a dope strategy, neither candidate was wholly successful. that is in the hill newspaper. here is politico, presidential debate 2012, seven takeaways. who won? there was far from a consensus on who won in the hours after it ended. two polls give obama in clear edge.
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with's aides were elated his performance was what -- which was aggressive from the get go. it is not a surprise that obama was aggressive. he clearly believe the based on what he had seen in the polls that he needed to be anti did win on points, scoring some clear arguments against romney on pure policy ground and getting out is precanned lines. many republicans and some neutral commentators believe mitt romney held its own in a difficult format. his aides think he passed the test. and obama did not disqualify him. that is politico this morning. up next is garrison and taxes on
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our support obama line. what did you think of last night's debate? caller: i thought it was pretty much even. i am a first-time voter. attentionbeen paying a lot to what was going on. each candidate came with a lot of what i like. they went to specifics on what they would do for foreign policy which i haven't heard a lot of a before this debate. i think it laid out some groundwork. host: or you go to school? caller: texas a&m university. i studied mechanical engineering. host: the daily presidential tracking poll -- this is from monday. daily presidential tracking poll from monday.
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that is just a little bit. david in virginia on our support governor romney line. how did your candidate do last night? caller: i think he did well on substance. that is all that matters. host: and what else is there besides substance? caller: besides substance you have an edge. i am a firm believer in that image is not all that important when it comes to politics. i think substance speaks for itself. numbers, percentages, the truth. host: is foreign policy important to you as a voter?
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caller: absolutely it is important. and i think that governor romney made some good points last night in the debate. so, in my opinion i think that he came off with more substantial data. host: what is your enthusiasm level in this election? caller: i feel pretty good about it. but i think that governor romney, being at 49% right now, that is a pretty good shot. i think we will be looking for a new president. host: that was david in portsmouth, virginia. this is from our facebook, at page. obama 1, mitt romney lost. just can't win.
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mitt romney endorsed obama last night and i for once -- i agree with mitt. in california, a supporter of president obama. caller: how were you? thank you for taking my call. host: what did you think of the debate? caller: i think mitt romney endorsed president obama. he put his arms around him and agreed with all of his foreign policy. after 47 years trashing everything he had been doing. last night he said, i agree with everything you are doing president obama. you are awesome. i agree with that. for those undecided people, the only question i have to ask themselves -- why is mitt romney 30 points behind in his own home state?
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he is to go to a free point and have them -- help them save their money. he has a real-life scenario right of their purity can tell the whole world that he really wants to save american jobs and help those people in freeport. they have been begging for him to come there and help them. that is the real story that is in real time. and by the way, obama did help people in freeport. he did that china thing to keep their tires from going over there. he saved 1000 jobs in freeport. all you ought to do is look of freeport, ill. and you can compare the two men. mitt romney doesn't care about those people, and obama saved on thousand jobs in the same city. there you go, america. we do not have to guess anymore. caller: here are some other twitter comment. genuses, too much about middle east and israel.
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one of the greatest threats to the united states is drugs coming across the border. and 30 more minutes and mitt romney would have been endorsing president obama. and just says the potus should poise in the class. and finally, bill says obama wins hands down. but i do not believe debates matter the most. mathieu in kentucky on our support mitt romney line. are you with us? please go ahead and make your comment. caller: i was calling to support mitt romney. i am in kentucky where we actually produce coal.
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i know we have been out here and we have lost jobs due to shipping coal and selling its overseas and everything. we are looking at over thousands of the men that are out of work here, that have taken money from our home state in the kentucky and virginia and west virginia. and i think that being able to produce our own energy here through the cold instead of forcing to take the jobs over what help us. host: are you involved in coal industry? caller: yes i am. host: what do you do? caller: underground coal mining.
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host: are you still working? caller: no, sir. >> that was mathew. thank you for your time. the huffington post. chief in command it says. and here is the washington post. obama presses attack in debate on foreign policy. and final clash, a cautious mitt romney. the last of their three debates was supposed to be foreign policy. but both but romney and obama talked-about the issues most important to voters, jobs, the economy. at several points bob schieffer tried to bring them back to foreign affairs and national security, but sometimes to no avail. and it goes on to say here that mr. romney got more assertive as the evening went on, throughout
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the debate obama seemed eager and ready to take the fight to his opponent. at times he offered pointed criticism of his policy, obama glared directly at him. . romney central critique was that the president has been weak in the face of a rising tide of chaos. the challenger responded by saying, attacking me as not talking about how we are like to deal with the challenges that exist in the middle east. but obama press his case that his world view for the domestic front are not just wrong but also rooted in the past. years a little bit from the present last night. [video clip] >> i am glad you recognize that al-qaida is a threat. if you want to go when you are past with the biggest threat is facing america, you said russia.
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not al-qaida. the 1980's are now calling back for their foreign policy. because the cold war has been over for 20 years. but when it comes to foreign policy, you seem to want to import the foreign policy of the 1980's. just like the social policies of the 1950's and economic policies of the 1920's. use a not interested in duplicating what happened in iraq. but just a few weeks ago you said you think we should have more troops in iraq. and the challenge we have, i know you have not been in a position to actually execute foreign policy. but every time you of offered an opinion, you have been wrong. he said we should have gone into iraq, despite the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction. use it was a still of troops into iraq to this day. you indicated that we should not be passing nuclear treaties with russia, despite the fact that 71 senators, democrats and
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republicans voted for it. you said that first, we should not have a timeline in afghanistan. then you should -- said we should. which means not only were you wrong, but you are confusing in sending mixed messages to our troops and our allies. what we need to do with respect to the middle east is strong, steady leadership. not wrong and reckless leadership that is all over the map. unfortunately, that is the kind of opinion to a offered throughout this campaign. and it is not a recipe for americans -- for keeping america safe. >> i do not concur with what the president said about my own record and the things i have said. they do not happen to be accurate. but i can say this. we are talking about the middle east. and how to help the middle east reject the kind of terrorism we are seeing and rising tide of confusion. and attacking me is not agenda.
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but talking me as not how we are going to deal with the situations in the middle east. and stem the tide of this violence. i will respond to a couple things you mentioned. russia i indicated is a geopolitical foe. is a geopolitical foe. i said in the same paragraph i said -- iran is the greatest national security threat we face. russia does continue to battle us in the un time and time again. i have clear eyes on this. i am not going to wear rose colored glasses when it comes to russia. and i am not quite as a i will be more flexibility after the election. after the election he will get more backbone. with regards to iraq, you and i agreed and believed there should have been a status of forces agreement. host: and this picture in the washington post. this is one of mitt romney's grandson's. and if you pull it out from you can see he is shaking hands and talking with president obama. next call comes from cleveland,
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ohio. good morning. what did you think of last night's debate? caller: i thought it was interesting. but what i would like for people to understand is that the role, i know people are voting for mitt romney because they feel it is business experience is valuable. but the role of business is not -- it is increased profit. profit is the goal of business, not employees. the profit is to reduce employees and keep wages low. that is not going to be useful in terms of growing jobs. and also, the government's role -- he is always talking about how government does not create jobs. but i would like to know how -- white is running for government jobs. the presidency is part of the government feared that is an oxymoron. host: how close we have you been following this campaign? how closely? calle
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caller: very closely. living in ohio, we have been inundated with ads. what scares me about governor romney, i have no idea what you are really believes or who he really is. and that frightens -- i would like to know how you stance, truly, so i can make the real decision. but with him, he is kind of forcing me to choose the other side. because i do not know who he is. host: what you do for a living? caller: i work and health care. a work of a hospital. host: what you think of the health care act that the past? caller: as a hospital worker, and it was absolutely necessary. i see the ball, not be able to pay their bills. i see how not having insurance has broken families. because they do not have the
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funds to support the. i think a lot of americans, did not sit up close, did not understand the importance of having health care. as a human being, people ought to of health care as a right. i am in support of the bill. host: last night's debate was sent the boy on foreign policy. caller: it was. host: you brought up the economy. we talked a little about health care as well. and the foreign policy issues out there that moves your needle? caller: the foreign policy situation is very difficult right now. the truth is, our economics equation was not just our economic situation but a global situation. and a lot of what we are seeing in terms of the arab spring and other things that happened over in europe, all the protests, all the stuff is connected. i did as unrealistic for people to believe that an four years. a fix a problem that was really not just an american problem but a global come economic problem.
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in terms of foreign policy, mitt romney scare's me. i have no idea what he really thinks. first he says he would increase our involvement in the wars. then he basically mimics obama last night, i am not really sure where he stands. that frightens me. the president, there's a lot of power there. i have no idea, no sense of what direction which direction he would take us and a. host: hold on one moment. i am going to give vince on the other line. caller: i think he did a fantastic job duty laid out the future for america purity pointed out what he would do in a mitt romney administration. i am a college kid. and i believe that he has the right experience for the right time.
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host: what is the issue that moves you will? caller: the economy. we need a president s has the right experience and the right knowledge of how to get jobs in this country to move us forward. host: you heard vince said he heard a clear message? caller: and i am asking people to look beyond the words and behavior in the past actions. even if you are looking at his words, again, one minute he is as wanting another minute he says something else. terms of college, mitt romney. the plan actually takes money away from education. i have heard mitt romney campaign into one student who asked about college loans and a kind of thing that he should borrow money from his parents. that is really not an action as far as i am concerned for some
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was truly going to support funding education. he is saying it now. but what was using a few months ago? a totally different story host: vinc. host: vince? caller: i think mitt romney has a way of coming across where he lays out his plan. sometimes i think people do not give them enough credit. i do believe he does care about education. but he has a different way of -- a platform that he will sit down with colleges and lay out a platform that everybody can understand because the school system's -- there's something wrong with our colleges and our k-12 system that needs to be restructured.
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host: what are you studying? caller: political science and computers. to school?ere you go caller: santa rosa community college. host: thank you for speaking with us. we of the comment from joe. and he says that romney. appeared much more experienced in foreign policy but it is clear that obama hasn't learned much in the past four years. next call from the bowery valerie support obama line. caller: he gave me more
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confidence and i already had. and moved from michigan four years ago when it was really out of whack. all of the auto plants were closing. general motors, chrysler. i have family members that work for those plants that were fortunately at retirement. they were not really affected by it. people were losing jobs. at a business there. i had to shut it down because most of my clientele were the teachers, although industry workers, and so on. i feel as though president obama has really laid the foundation for the auto industry and workers. i moved from michigan to bowling green, ky to find work. my boyfriend i met here, he is a general motors employee. and a lot of his co-workers have moved from kansas city,
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louisiana. and reading the solidarity report from general motors, the uaw president stipulated in an article that was written, where mitt romney said that we should go bankrupt. that was the case and president obama did not come in and make the necessary decisions that he had to make an order to save all of the jobs that people have today, where would our economy be? in just four or five months ago, they opened 200 new jobs and louisville, ky. goes on and on. the president goes on and on about how he has implemented plans to get our own solar energy going and get a spot on the map and not retrospect. basically, there's a plant right now being built. i did not know what america knows there's a plan being built in clarksville, tennessee.
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a solar plant. but construction started maybe about two years ago. my daughter's husband was one of the workers that worked on at the site, doing the work there. they moved to >> village to do that work. from my perspective, president obama has stood very stern and strong. i have a niece and two net use that have been employed over 1.5 years ago in detroit and a chrysler plant. which they are coming back to light. my town, my city was a ghost town. pretty much. but i just visited about 1.5 months ago. and i see things are coming back to light. basically, i support president obama. i would hope that america would keep him an office and realize that he is really trying very hard to get us back to where we need to be.
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host: your team is going to the world series. caller: i am getting ready to go to the game. in this election, we have a beautiful new corvette rolling off. that shows progress as well. host: have been laid people off down there? caller: geico no, they are employing new people. they are bringing about 120 new people. and they have just passed contracts and will be opening up so that employees of work for the company can't refer a member of the family or friend to come out -- they can refer a member of the family or friend to come out and work. host: thank you for your time. this picture in the washington post. and holdingromney's a watch.
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and here is a headline. he later explained as it to a child that the modern united states navy has aircraft carriers or planes land on them, and ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines to rebut romney's criticism that federal spending cuts threaten to
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reduce united states naval power to levels not seen since early in the last century. romney is last appearance with obama to argue broadway that the president has left the nation weaker abroad than it was when he took office. here is mitt romney talking about president obama's image. [video clip] >> . i think from the beginning one of the challenges with iran is that they look to this administration and felt this administration was not as strong as it needed to be. i think they saw weakness where they had expected to see american strength. from the beginning, the president said he would meet with all of the world's worst actors. would sit down with chavez and kim jong il, with castro. and i think they looked and said, that is an unusual honor for the president to receive. and then the president called
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what i would call an apology tour. going to various nations in the middle east and criticizing america. and then wonders dissidents in the streets of tehran -- holding signs saying is america with us? the president was silent. i think they recognize not as well. when the president said he would create daylight between us and israel, that they noticed that as well during all of these things suggested to the iranian people that we can keep on pushing along. we can keep talks going on. dearborn to keep spending. >> nothing governor romney said is true. starting with the notion of me apologizing. this has been probably the biggest whopper told during this campaign. every fact checker has looked at it. the governor said this is not true. and when it comes to tightening sanctions, look, as i said before, we put in the toughest
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most crippling sanctions ever. and the fact is, while we were coordinating an international coalition to make sure these sanctions were effective, you were still invested in a chinese state oil company that was doing with iranian oil sector. all of the american -- i will let the american people decide and judge who will be more credible when it comes to imposing crippling sanctions. and with respect to our attitude about the iranian revolution, i was very clear about the activities that had taken place. and that was contrary to international law, and everything that civilized people stand for. and so, the strength that we have shown in iran is shown by the fact that we have been able to mobilize the world. when i came into office, the world was divided. iran was resurgent. there were a their weakest point economically, mitmilitarily.
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we are going to continue to keep the pressure off and make sure they do not get a nuclear weapon. that will be the case so long as i am president. >> we are four years closer to a nuclear iran. we are four years closer to a nuclear iran. and so should not have wasted these years to the extent that they continue to be able to get that much closer. number two, the reason i call it an apology tour is because you went to the middle east and flew to egypt and saudi arabia and to turkey and iraq. and by the way, you skipped israel. our closest friend in the area. you went to the other nations. and by the way, they noticed that you skipped israel. and on arabic television news said america has been dismissive and derisive. use of that on occasion, america had dictated to other nations. mr. president, america is not dictated to other nations. freed other nations from
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dictation. host: on the front page of usa today -- rivals duel over global leadership. for this next segment of the washington journal. as big a reaction to last night's final presidential debate, we want to switch to swing state voters. we want to hear from you. the states that are still in the mix. you know who you are, florida, virginia, ohio, wisconsin, iowa, nevada, michigan, pennsylvania somewhat. new hampshire. those are some of the swing states. if you are and they swing state voters, you know it. you are just seeing candidates advertised. you can see the numbers on the screen. the same numbers. you are on mitt romney a supporter, 202-585-3881. obama's a border -- 202-585- 3880. we are hopefully getting a our third line.
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if you have another candidate or another point of view, not a mitt romney or obama point of view, if you have another point of view, we of that third line open third 202-585-3882. if you are supporting one of the two main candidates, do not use that line. so we can get a different point of view. from the hill newspaper, obama horses and bayonets debate, at tops twitter chatter. the topic was trending nationally within minutes. and prompted multiple parity twitter accounts including one with more than 30,000 followers before the end of the debate as well as a tumblr.
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he said the line prompted the minute.eets permanen and here is the on twitter tract. you can see that. that was the top number there. the other one was when bob schieffer kasam and off towards the end. you can see 6.5 million tweets in were sent in the 1.5 hours of last night's debate. our next call comes from union of bill center, ohio. -- unionville center, ohio. caller: i am and obama supporter. i watched facial expressions. and i watched governor romney. he has not seemed to me to be a very temperamental person.
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i would not be sure i want him sitting at a table with a foreign leader. and my life and my country, america and the world is at stake. it is really frightening to me, because he kept saying last night about attacking him. you know, he takes everything to heart that it is him being attacked, and not the party or the country. and i find that kind of scary. i am an older person. i am retired. i have lived for my job, going to mexico in my lifetime. i took early retirement, due to that. so it is not this matter that the last four years has done this. it is been a quite a few years that has done this. ohio is definitely a republican state. i am old enough to know.
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i have lived through a lot of elections. i worked on the election board. i have done the whole thing for my party. and president obama -- he speaks to you. he tells you the facts. he tells you like it is. if you do not like it, that is another story. he does not jump from one thing to another and a change his mind. and i am very fearful if governor romney gets in the, that we are in big trouble. host: he said ohio is a republican state, but president obama won it pretty decisively quarter years ago. caller: yes. i was surprised. i have a friend was 96 years old. very strong republican. and you ought to talk to her today. she comes from a foreign country. we do of the honda plant, too. and that is china.
7:40 am
but they sure have a lot of jobs here. those people are working. now you must remember, president obama when he came into office, the first thing that he had was tsunamis, , earthquakes, volcanoes erupting all over. companies were affected because planes could not fly out of iceland due to all of the ash in the air. and all of these things. no one takes that into consideration. that we are treating all of these other -- we are aiding all of these other countries. host: that was our call from ohio. here is tracy. romney did not have any foreign policy of his own. shawn says -- clearly romney won
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by not counting on the obviously the attacks which is well known to the botched. romney won by leading -- leaving obama's speech was on the apology tour accusation. the next call comes from lisa in virginia beach, virginia. caller: i watched the debate. a kind of agree with your other caller. it did seem like romney was changing things he was saying earlier during the year. and at sea pretty much was dust endorsing -- and that he was pretty much just endorsing that. -- in the last 12 years. and i do pay attention. i am a military wife.
7:42 am
i served also and the budgetary and i have a son who, once he finishes school, wants to go into the military. i in no way want mitt romney and the republicans to be in charge of my son and when he goes to war. mitt romney has no foreign policy. the people who he is surrounded himself with, they are the same people who had the ear of a bush who sent us to hear rock. i think people forget that we went to iraq under false pretences and thousands of men and women died. the republican party and mitt romney like to pound their chest and talk like they got to the big stick. the big stick are our men and women. they are not for soldiers. when you shoot them, they bleed. i have no idea. i am surrounded by military. i do not understand what
7:43 am
virginians are thinking. that they trust to put the republicans back in charge of our men and women in uniform. this may not have anything to do with it, but i do look at the fact, when mitt romney was of age to serve in vietnam, he chose not to and hid behind his religion. i know plenty of people in the military that are very religious. but there would never use the religion to hide behind and have other people put in harm's way to do their work. host: what did you think of the discussion last night about the navy ships. caller: i agree with the president. i thought his one liner was dead on. that is not necessarily the number of ships, but what these ships can do, and they can do a lot more than they could in 1919, or the date that mitt romney threw out.
7:44 am
i think our military are more fighting machines now than they were back then. i do not get all worked up when mitt romney talks about getting more ships, like more ships are going to make us stronger. technology has a lot to do with our strength. and it makes me cringe when i see people come out, and not one person was inspired to come out because of their parents. yet mitt romney wants to come out and inspire people to come out and serve. i cringe every time i see mitt romney and his five sons come
7:45 am
out. host: the president did not serve either? caller: he wasn't of age during vietnam. i am talking when we were faced with the crisis of vietnam's your the did choose to use his religion to hide behind a serving. many men and women were inspired and went out and put on the uniform. and not just those from small towns, those who came from wealth as well or inspired by their parents. he had five sons, and not one of them were inspired. but there were talking about why they decided not to go into the military. i was very struck by a mother who said that all of her sons chose to serve in the military. i am and obama supporter. i guess i would say i am more of
7:46 am
a republican non-supporter. host: lisa in virginia beach. up next is roy, fla., support mitt romney line. what did you think of the debate? caller: i thought it was pretty good. most of them have some good things to say. but people need to -- one time i was a democrat. when the clintons got and i changed. because of a lot of things that happened in arkansas. bill clinton did a lot of things that i always believe that -- hillary clinton was the one to run this, not bill clinton. but to get back to obama,
7:47 am
obama, he has done really nothing. about two months after he got in office, he started campaigning. he campaigned on our money. ever since he has been in there. our tax money has been thrown out the window on all kinds of stupid things. and i think sometimes you really means well. but he does not know what he is doing. now mitt romney was not my real pick. but mitt romney is the best person. and people talk about -- you know, they follow these things. they need to wake up. host: gloria in panama city beach, florida. on our undecided blind. caller: actually my name is lori. host: thank you.
7:48 am
caller: why i am undecided, i have a lot of a family in ohio that are mitt romney supporters. but i myself am undecided. i used to campaign for obama. because of everything that was going on with bush that really hurt us. and the eight years he was in office. and the economy, everything that obama had to deal with. but they are talking about foreign policy, how you promote world peace by passing out sticks. when you pass out sticks, do not you just yield a fire? host: why are you undecided? caller: because both of them are agreeing on the same thing on foreign policy. i do agree with going in and
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taking care of osama bin laden. i am swinging towards him. not asking permission to go to pakistan to do that. that was probably the key point that this kind of having me lean that way. i am still undecided because they both agreed -- we have been doing best in iran. iraq would not be the power is today if we had not helped them years ago. host: chris foreign policy is important to you? or domestic policy?
7:50 am
calving he cannot put blinders on -- he cannot put blinders on. and go about his business. there is a lot going on with the united nations. it is important. and last night's debate, talking about foreign policy. the reason we have the united nations is so that we do not have to have everyone passing round sticks behind everyone's backs. host: we will with your comment there. bristow, virginia. this is tom on our support mitt romney line. what do you think of last night's debate? caller: i did was pretty good for obama. for mitt romney -- everything sounds good purity does not have a spine. he does not care about american people. he just wants to be like the president. i do not understand why people
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in america will vote for a man who does not have any spine. will not take a position on military. it just bothers me that people in america will let a man who does not care about american people or the troops. host: from the hill, under pressure from romney, obama says military sequester will not happen. president obama said flatly that sequestration will not happen as he defended against attacks from mitt romney over the fence cuts at monday night's debate. -- thigh had debate fatigue. i am glad they are over. now, maybe best man we would. and honor and decided line -- swing state voters only. rita, good morning. why are you undecided? caller: i was undecided.
7:52 am
not any more. i have seen many, many debates. i follow you. i follow all the channels. i even take the channels. and i believe that obama was trying to push romney to say that he was going to take us to war. if we are going to war -- like bush left it to him. like clinton left it to bush. it is time for obama to stop pushing and blaming other people. it is true. in a sense, he did apologize by saying -[indiscernible] host: all of that said, you are supporting who?
7:53 am
caller: i will support mitt romney. i will not support obama for nothing. it is part of the world. cuba. like the rock, is part of the world -- like iraq is part of the world. host: when did you come from cuba? caller: 1966. i feel very american. it is disgusting to me. i have been falling politicians ever since i came here. i like to make my choices. and the years i have been here, i have never seen a politician charge anyone for murder when it
7:54 am
is not true. if we try to blame, we have to blame all of the presidents from eisenhower until now. take responsibility for yourself. i am not blaming my neighbors. i have to blame myself. host: thank you for your call. on politico -- did mitt costa presidential test? and the former secretary state of ohio who is a democrat, mitt romney does not give the american people the kind of confidence they need to feel safe in the world, even giving him the handicap of not being the president commander in chief, he does not engender confidence that he will approach the greater complexity of today's world with the kind of intelligence and flexibility needed to keep us safe. jim of the arab american
7:55 am
institute -- the mitt romney who showed up was a very different mitt romney than the candidate who gave three major foreign policy addresses and a string of gop debates during the course of this long campaign. it was an attempt to create a kinder, gentler candidate, and more realistic and less of a new conservative mitt romney. but also came through was that mitt romney had not fully internalized the change and so he seemed to be uncomfortable with the new message. and this is from matt of potomac strategies group -- mitt romney started a little slow. but he did the one thing he had to do, convince americans that he can be commander in chief. and chirs in springdale, ohio. how did your candidate do last night? caller: i think mitt romney did excellent. i will never convince the true believers out there.
7:56 am
if you are undecided, go back to c-span and watch the debate with the sound off. lookit the man who was -- look at the man who was angry. look at mitt romney 8. this is what world leaders have been sitting on the other side of the table year after year, this is why this is forming before our eyes in the middle east. and please, blaming a bad economy on an earthquake. host: where is springdale, ohio? caller: north of cincinnati. host: what is your enthusiasm
7:57 am
level for your candidate? extremely enthusiastic. stepping away from this particular race, i have never been a proponent of senators as the president. just because of the difference. you need to create consensus. and anything that doesn't -- it is not your fault, it is the next guy's fault. there has already been an executive possession. just as bill clinton was a governor. and you know, that is probably the best you can get. i hate to use cliches, but i am sorry. aside from great rhetoric, obama has been abysmal. he has not done anything purity
7:58 am
talks about leading from behind like this is something to be proud of purity never put across the health-care plan. -- he never put across the health-care plan. he put across one budget. every single democrat and every single republican did not pass. so, he has been absent. the biggest thing i find it disappointing about this election is the constant harping about how mitt romney is a lawyeiar. i am in network security engineer. i work for a company that does aaviation. host: cliff, think you for your
7:59 am
call. we have discussed this a little bit. but one of the issues was about to the u.s. navy. [video clip] >> our navy is smaller than any time since 1917. they said they need if313 ships. we are now under 285. that is unacceptable to me. i want to make sure we have the ships that are required. our air force is older and smaller than any time since it was founded in 1947. we changed for the first time since fdr -- but always had the strategy to save the good fight in two of conflicts at once. now you are changing it to one conflict. this in my view is the highest responsibility of the president. which is to maintain the safety of american people. i will not cut our military budget by $1 trillion, a combination of the budget cuts the president has, and the sequestration cuts, that in my
8:00 am
view is making our future less certain and less secure. >> first of welcoming the sequester is not something that i proposed, it is something that congress has proposed. will not happen. the budget we are talking about is not reducing our military spending, it is maintaining it. but i you mentioned the navy. we have fewer ships. we also have fewer horses and bayonets. we have aircraft carriers were planes land on them. we have nuclear submarines. what are our capabilities? i sit down with the secretary of navy and the joint chiefs of staff and we determine how we can meet our defense needs that
8:01 am
keeps faith with their troops and that also makes sure that our veterans have the kind of support that they need when they come home. host: editorial in today's "usa today." this is how they conclude their editorial -- "both candidates are committed ."
8:02 am
host: and this tweet from dan g. -- clarence on our support president obama line from florida. clarence, good morning. how did the candidates duke last night -- do last night? caller: obama had a lot of factual statements to say. obama endorsed what he said. i feel like a lot of the people have been calling are underdogs and have experienced the things the people have experience. like when president bush was in office.
8:03 am
felt the racial strains and the artificial lines. today is a different approach as far as people getting together. obama has changed the way people view things. he talks about going down the aisle and having my partisanship. everybody saw obama had a lot of proposals. the republicans did not want obamacare. he had to push that through. i was on medicaid. the current medicaid system doesn't work. we need obamacare for the minorities that cannot afford a yearly -- we are going through a transition in america where
8:04 am
people who feel like they could succeed or succeeding. look at our president. he is black. obama is the perfect example of great things in america. i was growing up, it was inconceivable to levitt black president of america. you can drop in this country and be anything you want to be. host: where is royal palms, florida? caller: palm beach county. before obama took office, the economy was very bad. i have seen a lot of changes.
8:05 am
since he took office -- i've worked at a couple of jobs last year. as far as the economy, i see the economy has grown. obama still has a lot more to do. you cannot judge obama on eight years of failed policy from the bush administration. that left him behind a lot of stuff. a lot of people calling in -- i would say it like -- these people are calling on opinion of the fact that obama is not doing well and all these people are
8:06 am
uneducated world people that are prejudiced and racist and could not have something nice to say something about the president. anyone who has some kind of factual understanding as far as the political conundrum in america knows that obama is the right president for us and the right president for the 21st century. host: do you think all mitt romney supporters are racist? caller: not all supporters but most of the people i have heard call in with world backgrounds have no education at all. they are more conservative in their approach. obama it is really attacking the things that we have been talking about that nobody has talked about. when 9/11 hit, i was in the
8:07 am
sociology classroom in my second semester at college and it did hit dusty black americans or the latino americans are just the white people. everybody. i have made that statement a thousand times. obama is the right spokesman for the minorities and the underdog, for the people that feel disadvantaged or feel that it is hard to make it somewhere in america. look at obama and you see hope and change. host: thank you for your time this morning. debbie is a mitt romney supporter in ohio. caller: west lake is a suburb of
8:08 am
cleveland, ohio. i have watched every debate. the last election, i got very involved. my husband and i own a small business. we have owned it for 36 years. we started it with our wedding money. host: what kind of business? caller: it is a tree service. i am nervous about this obamacare. it would cost us a lot of money. we're seasonal and do not work all year. i was disappointed at the beginning of the debate last night. i thought that mitt romney did not come out in the last two. towards the end, he stood up for
8:09 am
himself. i did not light the way president obama kind of did the one-liner about the navy. i thought it was insulting, actually. my stepfather who is in florida, i'm sure was fuming. and also the bailout for the auto industry affected my parents greatly. m. step dad worked adat g a lot of things he was promised in his retirement were taken away. because of that, we have had to help them because my mother gets in at do not hall. i was giving up some of my education -- medication and
8:10 am
sending it to her. that is upsetting because my parents worked very hard. my stepdad was still working at 82 years old. my mother was still working at 75. it shouldn't be like that. because of what was happening with the bailout, that changed their life dramatically. i read and educate myself and i feel a lot of obama supporters need to really study a little bit more to really know what is going on and ask yourself, are you better off the last four years? host: i want to get a president obama supporter on the line. this is ray from iowa.
8:11 am
debbie is on as well. what did you think of the debate? caller: the only issue mitt romney has -- he talks about unwavering support for israel. he has been a hawk about what he would do in iraq and syria. flip-flop on that last night big time. i think he has no policy. i don't think on waiver in support for israel because most people believe the middle east is dictated by what we do with israel. israel has nuclear weapons. nobody else does. host: is foreign policy important to you? guest: very important --
8:12 am
caller: very important. mitt romney did not understand -- we gotta changing after the vietnam. we're not going to drop atomic bombs hopefully on anybody anymore. the navy is smaller and more efficient. we need the special forces. we started with john f. kennedy. we started be more elite to attack these problems and that is what we have to continue to do. host: debbie, you mentioned the navy. any response for ray? caller: you still need the navy.
8:13 am
people were tweeting we need bayonets. i was surprised to hear that. when mitt romney gets in there, he will have a lot of people backing him, educating him, and he has already told us -- how was it when president obama went over there? he didn't even go to israel. how did that look for us? all over the world, people see us now as weak because of our economy. we used to be called the greatest country in the world. everybody wanted to come here. host: let's get a response from ray. caller: i was in the navy on june 6, 1967.
8:14 am
said she is educated. obamacare is not take the $700 million out of anybody. it takes it away from hospitals and insurance companies from overcharging. i do not know why that is not being pointed out. i'm tired of the ads. we are bombarded with nothing but lies from crossroads, all these right-wing crazies. every ad is a lie. caller: that is why you have to educate yourself. people listen to what ever is out there. what about the ceo from the cleveland clinic? he spoke.
8:15 am
their doctors are salaried, ok? these other doctors that are not salaried, they can charge whatever they want to charge, and they do. but obamacare scares me. we have friends from canada. so many people from canada come to the states to get their care because it takes months and months and months to get in to see a doctor. that's what scares me. caller: we had a foreign exchange student live with us for a year. his father was a doctor. they are limited. they have great health care. my aunt is from canada.
8:16 am
she goes back to get her false teeth at your eyes -- and her eyes done. rest of thethe world hates their health care. host: that was debbie adnd ray. a lot of live campaign coverage. two weeks left in this campaign . this morning, the president will be in delray beach, florida, and we will bring that to you :10 a.m.;10that10:1
8:17 am
3:15 pm, mitt romney and paul ryan will be in henderson, nevada. kid rock will be joining them at the anderson pavilion. -- henderson pavilion. that will be live on c-span. 3:50 pm eastern time, campaign rally. met ryan and paul ryan in morrison, colorado -- miche ryan and- mittyan -- me romney and paul ryan in morrison, colorado. brady in miami, florida, on the
8:18 am
undecided line. one of your politics -- what are your politics? caller: i was republican but i'm supporting obama. i cannot support the romney-ryan plan. like a champion that did not show up. romney is like a man with than out of body exchange. everything he stood for in the primaries and the republican convention -- it was a complete of the body -- invasion of the body snatchers. somebody else was in the body. all those policies he
8:19 am
advocated, he agreed with the president or not change -- we would support israel or voting for syria but now we will not put boots on the ground. everything he has ever believed in. president obama -- they are not talking about the poor. the middle class is the new poor. the only thing rich and middle people exist in america. there is no middle class. the middle class is the new poor class. the port is the underclass -- the poor is the underclass.
8:20 am
everything used to be made in america. we will not be number one in manufacturing. host: you are not undecided. figured outven't where they stand for the poor. for america. we are built in america. we cannot continue to give that millions and millions of dollars to other countries. host: that was brady in miami. nick, what are you undecided? caller: i don't like the way the mainstream candidates -- i our't like thwhere
8:21 am
country is headed. host: who did you support in 2008? caller: i voted for obama. veer off thed you fe course? caller: i am more of a ron paul supporter. host: does that lead to out on november 6? caller: i took part in early voting and voted for gary johnson. he was the best candidate that i saw. i'm kind of ashamed they would not let him in the debates. how can we call ourselves a free democracy when we only got two choices, like black and white.
8:22 am
host: thank you for your time. what do you do? caller: self employed in construction. host: how is business? caller: a little bit slow. i don't like the way the country is heading. there was a lot of stuff not reported. i met ron paul supporter. i wish ron paul had not -- host: hadn't what? caller: they screwed him out of the debates. host: thank you.
8:23 am
this is in "usa today." "the denver post" -- "the colorado springs gazette" -- "the cleveland plain dealer" -- "the columbus dispatch" inn o.i
8:24 am
host: jason is in orlando on our support mitt romney line. what did you think of the debate? caller: both candidates it came out strong. look at the issues. the national debt, up to $16 trillion. gas prices are up. how is that a positive? the president comes out strong. he tries to sell you a lemon.
8:25 am
00 -- itone from $320,0 is costing more at the pump and more in taxes. the president said all this positive stuff. is everything that he said was wrong? if you take a test, you still fail. o you do?t did you d caller: law enforcement. host: who do support in 2008? caller: john mccain. host: what is crime like in
8:26 am
orlando? caller: we have a high crime rate. that is because of the economic times. good jobs are hard to find. the needs to be done. obama claimed change. where is the change? it went from bad to worse. even a little bit is a positive. you can stay positive when your employment -- unemployment rate is over 8%. host: hang on the line. thomas, good morning.
8:27 am
what did you think of the debate? caller: i thought obama did great. romney looked like a kid in the class with the professor telling him what was going on. i want to get to his policy in massachusetts where he vetoed 700 bills by the democrats that were sent to him and they overrode him. why do think the schools got better? there is a lot of things that romney is not telling the truth on. host: jason, and in response to that -- any response to that? caller: he knows about business. obama doesn't know about business.
8:28 am
i don't know too much about massachusetts. i know that florida has been tough. host: how we describe the economy in burlington, iowa? caller: it is not too bad. there is a company that is still going. we have lost a lot of things. we have a plant that builds bombs. we have done ok. it is tough everywhere. we were left this recession by bush. look what happened. i take care of my mother. we cannot negotiate with the drug companies to get drugs. look at what happens.
8:29 am
people cannot afford drugs on medicare. we have to get it together. this is a country that worked hard all their lives. my mother will lose her house when she goes into a nursing home. we need medicare for everybody. i am disabled and trying to get going. it's tough. we have to stick with obama. the house of representatives has 89% approval rating - has a 9% approval rating and has not helped our country at all. host: jason? caller: look, when the senate was all democrats, they didn't
8:30 am
do anything. what are you saying right now? caller: there were filibustering in the seneca. caller: you work hard and you earn your keep. the government should help welfare programs -- not become a hammock. i see a lot of able bodies that sit home and wait for a check. you could sit, and let the government pay you -- you could sit home and let the government pay you. read them on enterprise and entrepreneurship. you need to work for yourself. people dropping at a school are making a choice. they are making the choice not
8:31 am
to get an education. how was that going to make america better? we need a strong military. that is part of it. the comment about bayonet's was funny. we have more bayonets now. i do not know what he is talking about. host: final word for you. caller: if romney gets in there, we will be going to war. i have other people that are in re still.l romney wants to fight all these wars are on the world.
8:32 am
host: thank you for your time. tracy in ohio, good morning on our support governor romney line. caller: good morning. host: what have the debates it meant to you. caller: they have been important to me and my family. i feel that romney is more of a supporter to israel than obama. we need to support israel. i will not come off religious. nobody needs to mess with israel. we need somebody that will support israel. my other comment is, everybody is talking about how obama has
8:33 am
helped us with the medical care. he actually has not. i will refresh the memories. do you remember when the u.s. a big tax break? the following year, we have to pay that backe. my husband is an occupational therapist. he works in the medical field. there is a tax cap -- a pay cap on my husband's pay. i have a pay stub from my husband. our insurance went up. i'm talking about $520 of pay for a family of four. we have a hard time paying our bills because we have two little
8:34 am
ones. i don't remember it ever been that high. these are a couple of issues i have had. he is in the medical field. that is what i do not understand. host: thank you for your time this morning. we will continue taking your calls on last night's debate and the reaction to the debate and the issues in the candidates are talking about. in his neck section, we will switch out the lines a it little bit -- in this next section, will switch out the lines. this is for undecided voters. 2% and 6% of the electorate is still undecided. partisans, step aside.
8:35 am
we want to hear from undecideds only who either like or dislike something about both sides want to talk about that. that is who we want to hear from in this half-hour. undecided voters only. 202-585-3880. 202-585-3881. we'll take those phone calls in just a few minutes. on tuesdays, we have been talking to different publications about their electoral maps. today joining us is sean trende, a senior alexians analyst with here is the electoral map as it now stands from
8:36 am
this is the only electoral map that has mitt romney in the lead, 206-1-1 for the president and the rest are undecided. how do you get to these numbers? guest: it is a simple average of the most recent polls. the difference is that we have mitt romney up by about 5 1/2 points in north carolina. we don't consider that a tossup. host: you have basically the same swing states as everybody else. you have included wisconsin and michigan as swing states as well, and pennsylvania. has the kind that close? guest: wisconsin is clearly a swing state. penciling has obama up 4.8.
8:37 am
host: does realclearpolitics do its own polling? guest: we do not. host: where does it stand? guest: right now we have 206 for romney and 201 for obama and we think it is a close race. obama is up by about 20 votes. it is a close race. host: what polls do you take? guest: we do not use internet polls or partisan polling. other than that, we pretty much use everything else that comes
8:38 am
in. host: you take the polls and average of them? guest: we do not use more than one call from any pollster, would take the last couple reponse some polls -- rasmussen polls. host: there are all sorts of different shades of blue and red on your map. guest: we use a designation for "leans obama." if things change, it could go his direction. same thing for a light red for leans romney. long shot that might be competitive down the road and everything else is considered safe for the parties.
8:39 am
host: what changes polls? have the polls altered drastically? guest: we saw a large shift after the first debate. romney gained about 3 or four points. romney was shooting up. host: the jobs numbers are coming out the friday before the election. is that something that moves the polls, economic numbers like that? guest: the processions of the comet are fairly 10 -- of the economy are fairly baked in. host: people go to -- what
8:40 am
will they find? guest: links to all the talk from the left and right. trende has been our guest. we want to talk to undecided voters only. begin with the call from tj in charleston, south carolina. good morning. why are you undecided? caller: i wasn't sure whether i wanted president obama or john mccain. this is my first year being able to vote. i had some trouble getting my voter's registration card.
8:41 am
it took a month to get my voter's registration card. i got it and i'm excited about voting. i watched all three debates. i hear a lot of conservatives talking about the navy and how big it should be. we don't need a date navy. leon panetta has asked the president for certain things and he has got certain things. to say the military is week is not true. host: why are you undecided? why are you wavering? caller: well, looking at mitt romney, i did see that he does want a stronger military. i wasn't sure whether i wanted to vote for the president because of the fact that
8:42 am
president obama not being able to get congress to work together. he came in office and said he would be able to do that. mitt romney is a little more moderate than what it tries to come off as. it is hard to choose one candidate but i'm leaning more towards the president. host: this is a first-time eligible to vote. is that because of your age? caller: yes. adjust turned 18. -- i just turned 18. i'm a college student. that is another reason why lean towards the present even more. i cannot name 10 college students that have not received any state or federal money.
8:43 am
when you talk about needing to take care of our own responsibilities, now citizens can pay for college out of pocket. i am one of those tunes that cannot. host: your state is probably going for mitt romney. caller: yes, but let's get rich and and charleston, is, they are pretty democratic. host: columbia and charleston. caller: we have numerous projects going in building our roads and we need money towards education. i was for governor haley, our first female governor. she talks about cutting education spending. am not for voting for another conservative governor. host: tj, we appreciate your
8:44 am
time this morning. up next isn't undecided voters in florida. this is frankie. tell us one thing you like or don't like about the candidates. caller: thank you for taking my call. both candidates are good family man. they seem to love their country. that says a lot to me. what i do not like about the candidates -- president obama -- the economy has taken a downturn. i understand what was inherited at the onset of his campaign. i do not like that we'll not see much movement over the years he has occupied the white house.
8:45 am
as far as governor romney, he doesn't seem to have a clear, consistent plan. he seems to be changing courses sort of with the wind, so to speak. he goes from saying one thing to changing the next time he is in public. my concern is that i do not know -- i know what obama is all about because i have seen his strategy. i don't know what's romney will do. he tells me he is not for medicare vouchers then he is for medicare vouchers. he says he doesn't care about the 47%, low income workers and then he said that is a mistake,
8:46 am
that he did not mean to say that. i respect -- to have to tell me something -- you have to tell me something. thomas something about the deductions -- tell me something about the deductions. he needs to tell me something. i have to stick with obama. i know about is 5-point plan. he is asked a question about what you will sacrifice to get there, doesn't give me an answer. host: how informative the fine the television commercials -- do you find the television commercials?
8:47 am
caller: the television commercials are bombarding the airwaves. they are saying the same thing. i do not know how to trust those either. i want to hear, what are you going to do for me? i have a home. are you going to take the mortgage rate away from me? what are you talking about? tell me something. host: tell us a little about yourself. caller: i retired back and 2010 in jacksonville, florida. i retired with full retiree benefits. i was blessed to have been able to do that.
8:48 am
i do not have a steady income. i have investments, retiree money. i have to be mindful about how spend it. i want to be able to have some fun. .'m stuck i am i do not know what is coming. i just don't know. host: lambert in arlington, virginia. good morning. tell us a good thing and a not good thing about each candidate. caller: they are politicians. they just lie. host: where does that leave you
8:49 am
when you go to the polls? caller: i do not know if i'm going to vote. i think the president, know what you're going to get. mitt romney has a good point. this is specific. how can we trust somebody that is not giving us the specifics? host: where are you from? caller: cameroon. host: who did you vote for four years ago? caller: obama. o you what kind of work d
8:50 am
do? caller: i'm a nurse. host: charles, good morning. why are you undecided? caller: barack obama came into a bad time. he was going through two wars, may point on why our deficit is so high. was watching mitt romney -- i was watching mitt romney. i own a home. he going to cut. cu i like to itemize. he said his five.
8:51 am
thing again where he went from one to two and then he jumped to five. .e didn't mention 3 or four it doesn't make sense that some will get this economy back on line. bill clinton said no one is going to be able to do that the way mitt romney is talking the way it will be done. gas prices will always go up. have a problem in the middle east, gas prices go up. it's not like he will wave a magic wand and we'll be back before we were at the clinton era. two this guy changes from one thing to another and is not
8:52 am
straightforward with you. barack obama told us that it will be hard when he was elected. the one not be easy -- it will not be easy. he was honest with us. the republicans got just about everything and they fought with his present back and forth to get things going. now we are in worse shape than we ever were. host: it doesn't sell like you are very undecided. caller: i'm not really undecided. i want barack obama to win again to see if he'll do what he said he is going to do. host: who are you voting for in your senate race? caller: i will vote for mr. murphy.
8:53 am
excuse me ? host: we are listening. there is a delay on the tv. randall in arlington, texas, why are you undecided? caller: good morning. i was undecided until last night. i believe foreign policy -- foreign policy is a domestic economic policy. most -- a lot of money and resources are being spent on wars. once i was unable to see president obama take command and know his facts line down these words, that was incentive for me
8:54 am
to become an undecided to a decided voter. i understand economic benefits and sending them back to the american people where they can implement those funds and use them in the reconstruction of roads, bridges, investments into green technology, rolling the money back again so that the american people can begin to nation build here a home. i look objectively at mitt romney over the course of the primary season. i looked at his rhetoric and his language that he used to win the primary. people move back to the center. now, i do not know who mitt romney is.
8:55 am
he laid out it five. plan -- he laid out a five- point plan with no specifics because the math is not doable. cannot add $5 trillion to the deficit and then say that you're going to do a 20% cut across the board and will not affect anyone. one last point. the military budget is larger than the next 10 nations. i believe about $780 billion. why would you want to give more money that is not asking for it end some of the
8:56 am
opposition in the middle east. that is the issues that are facing the american people and bring some relief to the american people. host: what is it about mitt romney that you like? caller: i listen to is platform when he said he was a businessman and 25 years' experience. you have to give some strong consideration for a person who was in the private sector and has had a business record that states that he was a job creator. as i began to go through what type of businessmen that he was. host: thank you for your time. anthony in tampa, florida. either way?ning in the w
8:57 am
caller: with romney -- turn down that t go ahead and make your comment. caller: ok. .'m undecided the sales pitch has not been clear. he is talking about running the country but he has not been clear on how he will run the country. his sales pitch is suspect, for mae. host: what about the president? caller: romney is determined. undecided due to
8:58 am
the fact that he is talking about the middle class. nobody is talking about the poor man. i do construction for a living. what about the blue-collar worker that basically has nothing? both of them are talking about the middle class. with that on the table, it is kind of a letdown for the poor guy. host: you say you work construction. how last the past year been for you were wise? -- how has the past year been for you work wise?
8:59 am
caller: it has been rough. if you look at mitt romney's running mate, ryan said it well . he was asked, "do you think the american people should know what taxes will be cut?" ryan said the american people have the right to know the bottom line. what is the bottom line. ? they have a hidden agenda. host: bob in panama city, florida. one thing you like about both candidates? caller: it is a tossup. i don't think a president should
9:00 am
be a president unless he goes through the military. host: neither one. caller: that is what is confusing to me. every president should serve some time in the service. second of all, people are confused, even people like myself. i voted for obama. first of all, he said he is a black man. he is not. he is a muslim. host: i'm sorry, did you say he is a muslim? caller: yes. host: where are you getting that information? caller: it has been in the news, documentaries on it. he is not black.
9:01 am
his wife is black. i have no thing about that, either. being in the service myself, 1963 to 1966, i wish i had a president that is wholeheartedly from the if states, or believes in the united states -- host: just four of your buddies edification, where are you getting your information -- just for everybody's edification, where are you getting your information? is there a website? caller: they have a documentary on obama -- actually come in the movies. i watched that. i have watched a lot of other things about president obama, his growing up, kenya. mexicans come here and send their money back to mexico. host: that was bob.
9:02 am
levon, why are you undecided? caller: i voted for it obama four years ago. i have not seen a lot of changes. romney is a businessman, but yet he has no business plan, it seems like. we need a president that has a plan, more so, more descriptive of what they are going to do for the united states, our country. we have so many people here that are middle-class and below, too, that are struggling. the economy that is happening at this moment, just like the 1930's, except that we have more technology now. the government is stepping in and helping a lot, but not to the degree that it needs to happen. half to fix what we have here in the united states first before
9:03 am
helping outside of it. let's fix what we have, let's work with what we have here. our medicare needs to be helped. there are so many different things -- i work in the medical field. i see so many things that can be changed in order for our government to help. there is a lot of things that are taken advantage of. my ex-husband was working in the military. there are a lot of things that i have seen in that part that are charging for -- charging for toilet paper was $25 or so, yet we pay $2 a roll. [laughter] host: did the debates help you make up your mind at all? caller: not really. i really have to look at what romney really -- what his plan
9:04 am
is. i want him to say what more he can do for the united states, what he can do for our country here. foreign policies, i get that. i understand that he is pretty much with obama about israel. i agree with that. but you know, i have not heard enough about what they can do for our country. we have to work on our country first. it has to be stable, and has to be a strong, not what is going on outside of it. host: were you enthusiastic in 2008 about obama, and why has that enthusiasm drop? caller: i was enthusiastic about obama, what he wanted to do. i have seen some things he has changed and thinks he is working on, like the obama medical -- i think we need to do more. we need to fix more in the united states, and i'm not
9:05 am
really seeing what we can do here, and a pox on either party. host: we will leave your comments right there. about an hour left in the " journal." we are talking to first-time voters only did he might just have turned 18, like one of our earlier caller is from south carolina. first-time voters only. again, we have provided at the numbers by region. -- divided the numbers b y region. one hour left to go in "washington journal," and in the house comes in for a quick pro- forma session, and then campaign events live on c-span, c-, and c-span radio.
9:06 am
if you go to, you will see our schedule of events today. two obama rallies, two governor romney rallies, and joe biden and paul ryan are also participating. if you missed any of last night's debate or any of the other debates, click on our debate hub. you will be able to see all of the debates. last night's debate is divided by question, so you will be able to take a little clip of that and watch that. you can e-mail id very easily. all of the information from the campaign is available at c- if you have questions about what is going on in the world of campaigns and debates, go to c- following the debate as always, there is the so-called spin room, where supporters of the
9:07 am
candidates go to tell reporters why their guys want. ed gillespie and jim messina or in the spin room last night. messina is an adviser to barack obama, gillespie is an adviser to mitt romney. here they are. [video clip] >> i think we saw clear differences in approach, whether it comes to israel, national security, the reckless and arbitrary budget cuts that president obama is proposing versus what governor romney is calling for, when it comes to standing by israel, when it comes to tightening up sanctions on iran. i think we saw very clear differences and we saw from governor romney an agenda that would not be subject to events around gerlach, that shape events around world to eventssubject around the world but would shape
9:08 am
events around the world. the american people are looking for where will you take us, and governor romney did a good job of laying out. >> where do things go it started in the morning? >> well, we have momentum from this debate as with the last two debates. we will go to the battleground states for the continued the discussion of a national- security and foreign policy and the differences there, and some discussion of the economy. there was some discussion of that tonight because our economic strength and our strength abroad are tied to one another. there will be a lot of discussion about economic policy and the debt. governor romney will highlight his plans for a real recovery, as well congressman ryan, and contrast that with we cannot afford four more years like the last four years. we cannot afford it when it comes to job creation, when it comes to our debt, when it comes to health care, and when it comes to national security.
9:09 am
>> on iraq, on nation-building, on the military, the back-and- forth on the military budget -- romney is going to regret that answer for a very long time. the president correctly pointed to what the military budget is. we don't have bayonets any market it was an absolutely great moment for us. >> you got the impression that he was on the offense, your candidate tonight. he interrupted the governor on several occasions -- >> this is a contest as to who can be commander in chief. you saw the president be very strong tonight. romney was uncertain, romney spent a lot of time being wrong on the issues. the difference between the two candidates could not have been clearer. i agree, because he is right on these issues, because he is commander in chief, and that is what the american public wants.
9:10 am
they want their leaders to be strong and want to know where they are going to go, and romney continues to be unsteady, and he has been wrong did wrong on iraq, wrong on afghanistan, wrong on libya. >> how important was this for your race now that you have polls, including gallup, that showed that nationally you are losing? >> we continue to believe we have an advantage to get the and electoral votes. every single opportunity we can talk about the differences between these candidates is successful for us. people understood about the nation building that the president wants to do at home and his plan to take the nation forward. more portly, they saw an unsteady -- importantly, they saw an unsteady romney unable to defend his positions and trying to harm the president. host: ok, for this segment of
9:11 am
"washington journal," your reaction to all three debates, but first-time voters only. i want to go through a bunch of tweets first, because we are kind of behind there. if you want to comment, you can go to our facebook page. there are a couple of different questions listed there, so you can work through that and worked for a lot of the comments. thousands of comments have been made, so it gives you a chance to continue the conversation at we will just take these randomly.
9:12 am
9:13 am
first-time voters only. david in fort lauderdale. why are you a first-time voter? caller: the mere fact of their job title is to speak eloquently, to convey the message, albeit right or left. i never really felt that. with president obama, i feel he is really genuine. with governor romney, i look at his perspective as a businessman. to me, both of them have that
9:14 am
thing that would make me want to vote. we're in a situation from a national perspective where, like, i just need to vote now. i think my vote would count, and that prospective needs to occur. host: david, when did you register to vote? caller: a long time ago. i just never went. host: are you going to early vote, are you going to show up on november 6? caller: i think i am going to early vote. right now i'm kind of leaning to president obama. one disheartening fact about our nation that kind of surprised me was the fact that there are other candidates out there, but we really don't hear about them. last night on facebook and through twitter, there was this little application called, this little app but built by this mit scientist,
9:15 am
nonetheless, that takes your perspective, gives the survey and give us your perspective on how you would vote, how closely aligned if you are. for me, it was surprising was libertarian -- i was 98% closer to them that i was to president obama or romney. host: what is an important issue to you if you are getting 98% of libertarian? caller: just how the survey was drafted, but i really don't know the guys, so now i have to do my research about this person, because their views, from this scientist, from his mit scientist -- he counted all of their previous quotations and statements and everything. it gives me another opportunity, another tool to look into and as an informed voter, i want to see all the options. like the caller said a few
9:16 am
sessions back, it has been painted black and white when there are multiple shades of gray in the middle. host: caller: yes. host: actually, that is very interesting. what do you do in fort lauderdale? caller: project manager. i work on multiple projects, from beginning to close. host: what kinds of projects? caller: actually, the insurance industry, so about obamacare and a lot of these different caller comments, i think a lot of times unfortunately the media and the politicians don't portray the picture correctly. working in the insurance industry, insurance companies make the money by identifying the risk compared to the opportunity.
9:17 am
when you look at obamacare, unfortunately, it does affect the insurance industry, which is causing a lot of uncertainty, which is a form of risk. at the same time, when you look at how the industry work in the past, most doctors get paid for their services separately. it is not a salary. the cost of medical care in general for the doctor's charge and has gone up. what the obamacare is trying to do is bring that down, but with regards to the insurance industry, it is not saying you have to have a government plan, just that the insurance c companies do now with multiple -- you have options from multiple companies, but those options will have limitations. that is what insurance companies and do. we worked around those areas. that is what businesses do.
9:18 am
when you run into constraints, you don't just give up. we hire lawyers and figure out what the loopholes are in anything and everything, and we try to work within constraints to make profit. host: david, to stay on the line. let's go to cindy in tampa. caller: how are you? host: good. why are you a first-time voter? caller: i turned 18 after the election. host: are you in high school? caller: no, i am in college now. host: for whom are you going to vote? caller: my parents are immigrants, so politics has been a big part of my upbringing. i am leaning towards obama, because i believe he has always had a people's issues in mind, whether a it is immigrant
9:19 am
or the working class or -- i think he is very consistent from day one in when he says. host: you say your parents are immigrants. why does that make them more interested in politics? caller: because my parents come from a country where they were not even allowed to see a building like the white house. when my parents came here, they always said that it is always good to, you know, see politicians. i don't think that romney has been able to portray that as well as obama has. host: where are your parents from originally? caller: haiti. they came in the late 1970's. host: what are you studying in college? caller: i'm really not sure
9:20 am
yet, but i believe i am leaning towards probably political science. host: what are your friends you're age think about politics in general, and are they register to vote? is there an interest in this year's election? caller: i believe so. i think obama, he has us in mind. i think, like, it is is here, but with facebook, obama has information posted on our wall and stuff. he has been able to really gravitate towards us. i have a lot of friends who don't watch cnn or that stuff on tv, and they are like, you know what -- they see obama on the facebook post in the e-mails we receive from him. host: now, david, you talked
9:21 am
about facebook as well. do you watch the news any more? did you watch the debates? how did you watch the debates? caller: yeah, i watched the debates at the time of the debates, but also on facebook, a look at the twitter feeds, did a search on keywords, of that some things my friends were posting -- laughed some things my friends for posting -- host: you at the debates on tv? caller: i did. host: and twitter on the phone? caller: posting what we like, we don't like it. this is the technological age. host: how old are you, david? caller: 30. host: and our last caller was 18. how often are you on your phone getting political information, or on your computer? caller: quite often, actually. in regards to what the pundits
9:22 am
are saying, the main ones i'd like to look at is i wish there was a site out there saying how the politicians a vote. if i could find that, that would be awesome, how the politicians vote on what policies. then i could truly see how my perspective aligns with our politicians. host: you mentioned and stay on the line. alana, why are you a first-time voter? caller: i turned 20 this october. i guess i'm just thinking about the future and, you know, how i
9:23 am
am going to get ready for the depression that's coming, because it's still, like, it's hurting as bad. this would be my first time voting, and i feel like i will vote for obama just because romney, he is trying to cut too much stuff for us young people, people that's living -- probably ghetto -- but that type of life. we need a planned parenthood and i heard he was trying to cut food stamps, a lot of the things that we really need, you know. host: do you use food stamps? caller: yes. host: tell us about yourself. you are 20, you live in dayton. caller: yes, sir. i live with my mom.
9:24 am
i am trying to find me a job right now. i am trying to go to school for business, i want to go to school for business. i really want to pick up a job for us, so then i could move out, as far as my mom's house and stuff like that. host: why do you watch c-span? caller: why and my watching what? host: why do you watch c- span? caller: i don't know, it was said about the debate, and i happened to click on it, and i've been watching it ever since. had been up at 8:00, and i just wanted to call in and speak to the people. host: is there anything about mitt romney that you like? caller: not for real, because he is trying to cut too much stuff, as far as what i said, food
9:25 am
stamps, planned parenthood, abortion, and a lot of stuff that we kind of need that, you know what i'm saying? i don't know, because i guess i'm looking at what's going to be there for now and the future. i'm looking at some of the debate, because i did not get to catch a ball, but what i did get is that romney is trying to change his plans the a little bit, not pursuing what he wants to do -- host: to you know that both president obama and vice president biden are going to be in dayton today? are you aware of that? caller: oh! no, sir. host: there will be holding a rally in i think it's called triangle park? does that make sense? caller: yes, triangle park. host: of course i have lost my
9:26 am
information. is this afternoon -- yes, triangle park, dayton, ohio, 3: 50 p.m. caller: i will be trying to attend. host: i'm sorry? caller: i will be trying to attend. host: thanks for sharing your story. david, i hope you are still there in fort lauderdale. him off.ops, i cut want to keep him as moderator. nate, why are you a first-time voter? caller: i did not connect with it either candidacy last time, i feel more drawn to the issues this time. host: who are you supporting? caller: i'm in support of romney, and more so because i'm
9:27 am
not in support of obama. host: why? caller: well, something that really resonates with me is the mandatory health care. i am young and i'm healthy, and i just feel like my money would be better invested how i feel. host: how old are you? caller: i am 26 years old. i am trying to build a career, and doing -- host: what field? caller: musician, audio technician, private music instructor [captioning performed by national captioning institute] host: how is business? caller: anchorages a small town -- anchorage is a small town.
9:28 am
the entertainment industry is not as great out here. host: 2 they have early voting in anchorage? will you turnout on november 6? caller: i will turn out on november 6? host: victoria in amarillo, texas [captioning performed by national captioning institute] caller: caller: how are you doing? host: why are you a first-time voter? caller: i have honor roll students who are energetic about voting. host: how old are your boys? caller: 13, 9, and six. they are very energetic about politics and trying to make our economy better.
9:29 am
they are very much interested in what is going on. as far as, like -- i had to transfer my son from one school to another in junior high due to the test scores were very low. it was like a change when i put him in a new word school. it is more like higher class school. he is getting a better education but he still has that mind set to try to think of things to make the economy better. for little ones to think of stuff like that, at the economy has really got to be bad. but i listened to my boys on some of the views they have on it, and they feel that, yes, you have got to walk before you run. it takes time, especially when something is so bad, the economy is so bad, it takes time to make that better. there are steps you got to take.
9:30 am
host: are you going to take your boys on november 6 with you when you vote? caller: 0, yeah. host: for whom are you voting? obama, i'm voting for because a lot of the views he had, he has done. he said it is going to be hard. to get better grade, if you are struggling on one thing, you have to work harder. that is the view that everybody knows. you have to work hard to achieve what you want to get, and i believe that obama is doing that. host: michael in mississippi, another first-time voter. why are you a first-time voter? caller: i was too young to vote. host: how old are you now? caller: 21. host: what do you do? caller: i'm a college student.
9:31 am
i just happened to be at home for the moment. host: where is that? is that in mississippi? caller: yes. host: what are you studying? caller: biology. i am actually going into physical therapy. for host: whom are you going to vote this first time? caller: i am more for obama because i like most of his policies. on education, i don't have an lot of support as far as family- wise because my financial status. obama talks a lot about increasing the amount of governmental money that students are allowed to get, and i like his views on that. as far as the economy goes, he is talking a lot about things
9:32 am
that he has done. i feel like his term shouldn't be over, because you cannot fix what someone else messed up in eight years in four years. host: michael, is there anything about mitt romney that you like or attracts you? caller: oh, in particular, i can't really say precisely a lot of things i like about mitt romney, because i cannot say i dislike him at all, because a lot of their views sound kind of the same. to me, like a lot of their views on health care issues kind of sound as if they are similar to me. host: what about your classmates? you are 21.
9:33 am
what is the political involvement with the political discussion at college? caller: a lot of people at really per se into voting. a lot of them, as far as my friends goes -- i have influenced a lot of them to go and register to vote. a lot of them are involved in politics, because a lot of them -- because from where i grew up, a lot of them feel like their vote doesn't count. host: what you're are you? caller: this is my second year. host: sophomore. thank you for your time this morning. half hour left in "washington journal." as you all know, early voting has started. it started about a month ago in
9:34 am
some states and it has been a rolling process. estimates of up to 35% of the electorate will vote early prior to november 6. we want to talk too early voters. who you voted for, why you voted for him or her, and, uh, there it is. that is who we want to talk to this next half hour. this article is in "the new york post" this morning. "polls show lead eroding among women." "president obama is plastering florida airwaves slamming mitt romney as an opponent of
9:35 am
abortion rights in an all-out attempt to bring them back. the aggressive ad campaign comes as a new political pull can swing states, including florida, puts romney in the driver's seat, with his three-point improvement mostly due to gains among women who helped elect obama four years ago. last week obama that by 11 points. among men, romney leads by 10." we want to go over these polls with you. in ohio, according to quinnipiac, 50-45 in favor of the president. 47-47, suffolk university. mitt romney up by five in florida, according to rasmussen. the president up by 3, according to rasmussen, in
9:36 am
nevada. the president up nine in new hampshire according to the university of new hampshire poll. one of the issues that was discussed last night in the debate was devoted to foreign policy was libya. this was the first question. here are the candidates talking about libya. and we will talk to early voters after that. [video clip] >> this is obviously an area of great concern to the entire world and to america in particular, which is to see a complete change in the structure and the environment in the middle east. with the arab spring came a great deal of hope that there would be a change towards more moderation, an opportunity for greater participation on the part of women in public life and in economic life in the middle east. instead we have seen in nation after nation and number of disturbing events. of course we see in syria 30,000 civilians having been killed by the military there. we seek in libya and attack
9:37 am
apparently by -- we see in libya an attack apparently by terrorists of some kind. four people are dead and our hearts and minds go to them. mali has been taken over, the northern part, by al qaeda-type individuals. we are seeing a pretty dramatic reversal in the kinds of hopes we had for that region. the greatest threat of all is iran, four and years closer to a nuclear weapon. we are going to have to recognize -- i congratulate him on taking out osama bin laden and going after the leadership in al qaeda. but we cannot kill our way out of this mess. we will have to put together a comprehensive and robust strategy to help the world of islam and other parts of the world reject this radical, violent extremism, which is certainly not on the run. it is certainly not hiding. this is a group that is involved in 10 or 12 countries, and it
9:38 am
presents an enormous threat to our friends, to the world, to america long-term, and we must have a comprehensive strategy to help reject this kind of extreme to some. -- extremism. >> my first job as commander in chief, bob, is to keep america safe. we refocused our attention on those who killed us on 9/11, and al qaeda's core the ship has been decimated. we have been able to transition out of afghanistan in a responsible way, making sure that afghans take responsibility for their own security. that allows us to rebuild alliances and make friends around the world to combat future threats. with respect to libya, as i indicated in the last debate, when we received that phone call, i immediately made sure
9:39 am
that we did, number one, everything we could to secure those americans out of harm's way, and most importantly, that we would go after those who killed americans and bring them to justice, and that is exactly what we are going to do. but it is important to step back and think about what happened in libya. keep in mind that i and americans took leadership in organizing an international coalition that made sure that's we were able to, without putting troops on the ground, at the cost of less than what we spend in two weeks in iraq, liberate a country that had been under the yoke of dictatorship for 40 years, the writ of a despot who had killed americans, and as a consequence, despite this tragedy, you had tens of thousands of libyans after the events in benghazi marching and saying "america is our friend. we stand with them." host: all right, 20 minutes left
9:40 am
in "washington journal," and we want to talk too early voters only. you can see those there on the screen. here is how some of the newspapers played last night's debate. front page of "the wall street journal." "fight over foreign affairs." "baltimore sun" this morning -- "candidates trade foreign policy jobs." "washington times" -- "the debate over who is tough." "the new york times" -- this chart here is "romneycare' defense proposal i -- romney's e proposal in context.
9:41 am
so if you look at it, "the new york times" has put it in a chart form. here is the percentage of gdp that it would be -- 4%, or a little over 2% for president obama. they also talked about whether or not the opinion of the u.s. was strong or weak around the world. very quickly, here are some recent polls. here is where president obama took office, about right here -- right there. opinion was going up in many countries, but has gone down also that time, but is higher in all of these nations than it was prior to his taking office.
9:42 am
finally, for a while as a percentage of u.s. consumption. this is another debate topic last night. right here is where president obama took office. as you can see, dependence on foreign oil has been dropping and has continued to drop. it is about 40% now. the oil we use, up 40% of it comes from a foreign source. it hit its peak in 2008, about 60%. the source is the u.s. energy information administration. all right, early voters. tina in detroit, for whom did you vote and how did you vote? caller: good morning, how you doing today? host: good, how are you? caller: fine. i voted for president obama. host: early voting, absentee? caller: i did it by early
9:43 am
voting. it was quite an experience. host: all right. go ahead. caller: go ahead. host: i was just going to say, why did you vote for president obama? caller: i voted for president obama because i found a lot of misleading statements from the republican candidate, mitt romney. between him and him changing his positions, i actually saw him. i watched him from the primaries on. the republican party, from paul ryan all the way down to the senate republicans and house republicans, they have all signed on to the republican party platform. mitt romney is going against it. with the bush cronies as his advisers, i don't see any way he would be going against the party.
9:44 am
his extreme views and my position is still in place, since conservatives said all they needed was a president with five working digits to sign the bill, and they will tell him what to do. host: what do you do in detroit? caller: i drive a school bus. right now i am on a medical. i have been driving it for 17 years. host: school? caller: yeah. i have watched my income status, hwo it change -- how it changed. i watched the economy, how it changed. also, i have been voting since i was 18 years old. host: may we ask -- caller: i have a had the opportunity -- host: may we ask what age range you are in now? caller: i guess i would be considered middle age.
9:45 am
sometimes i feel older than that. but i'm 51. the president and i are the same age. host: you are very young. caller: [laughter] thank you for that. america is a good, prosperous, a strong country. we have good working individuals in it, and i'm very proud of america. we want everybody to know that the american worker is the best worker in the world. we will give it our all. here in detroit -- yes, sir? host: i wanted to ask about it for public schools. what is your assessment of the school system and the students? caller: well, i have been with the students, like i say now for 17 years. i have seen some changes. i have seen some fundamental changes that, in my opinion, should be made basically on the
9:46 am
administrative side, so that the children can benefit we had a . we had a lot of mismanagement of funds through contracts and those sorts of things that parents did not really get into the basic numbers. they did not watch the numbers. what he did it was ultimately hurt the children -- what it did was ultimately hurt the children. now they are doing a better job of trying to control parental involvement with the actual services that the children receive. now we are starting to see a little progress. it is not much, but it is some. we are starting to see more dedication, and that was the main thing that we really needed. host: that was tina in detroit.
9:47 am
up next, albuquerque, new mexico, on our support mitt romney line. tell us about your early voting experience. afraid.m we move down to anna in frederick, maryland, another early voter on our mitt romney line. caller: good morning, how are you? host: good. caller: i voted by absentee ballot. just so you know, i have been a voting democrat for 32 years, and i could no longer in good conscience really support the democratic party. i have spent the last four years doing extensive research. this is the problem with people -- they look at the surface. they don't go behind what they see on the surface and look at the candidate and their background and where they are coming from and so on and so forth. i am convinced the democratic
9:48 am
party has been hijacked. it has been hijacked by marxists and socialists and is no longer the democratic party of my parents and grandparents, where we were taught that if you wanted something, get ofup off your bums and work for it. now all i see is people wanting something on a silver platter. give it to me because i exist. i don't have to work for it. obama is the most divisive, deceitful president that i think we've ever had, and to sit there and blame his entire thing on bush and bush's reign for eight years -- are we forgetting what is the catalyst for this financial collapse? the community reinvestment act which was instituted by carter in the 1970's and reacted by clinton, werke mandated that the banks had to make loans to these subprime borrowers. when you make risky loans like
9:49 am
that and there is no qualifying and no income -- oh, my gosh. something has got to give it. at some point the whole thing is going to implode, it is going to collapse. that is exactly what happened. as far as obama is concerned, he is a known element. let's talk about all of his deceits. i am going to cut the deficit in half -- he has almost doubled it. i'm going to stop the patriot act -- he has actually expanded eight pit we are gettin -- expanded it. we are getting grannies patted down at the airport. let's talk about obamacare. does anybody focus on the reality that obama in 2014 will have his health advisory panel, 15 and selected appointees, that will be able to dictate to the american people what they can and cannot receive as far as
9:50 am
health care is concerned? they can pass legislation without congressional authority. that is a blatant violation of our constitution. he is essentially setting up a dictatorship. host: all right, that is anna in maryland on our support mitt romney mind up next, roberta. tell us about your experience early voting. caller: i voted for mr. obama. host: how early do they open up the polls in ohio? was it crowded? caller: it was very crowded, there were lines of people. it of pretty quick. host: i apologize, i'm getting you of course, but we've heard in the past about the voting machines in ohio. are you satisfied with the integrity of the voting process in ohio? caller: yeah, i am.
9:51 am
i have not heard of any problems out here so far. host: all right, tell us why you are supporting president obama. caller: i believe he is truly for the people he wants to help all different kinds of people and he is not just out for the people that are in need or whatever. he is for everyone. as far as mitt romney, he has already stated how he feels about almost half of america. i think people need to wake up and realize who is out for them. everybody criticizes what obama has and has not done, but he saved several jobs, saving many people from going to the unemployment lines and the benefit lines and this and that. he is out to help everyone, and everybody needs to wake up and just see that he is honest, his
9:52 am
forthright with what he intends to do on this and that. as far as things he has not been able to accomplish, he did not have congress backing him up, so you cannot just blame him for whatever has not been accomplished. people need to wake up. host: what do you do -- where is reynoldsburg? caller: east of columbus. host: what do you do? caller: i worked in corrections. host: what does that mean? caller: i work with inmates. host: county level, as the level? caller: state. host: have you ever voted republican in the past? caller: never. host: who is going to win ohio? caller: obama. host: what percentage?
9:53 am
caller: 52. host: we will check your prediction, roberta. caller: uh-huh. host: up next is john from north carolina. caller: good morning. how you doing, sir? host: good, how are you doing? caller: outstanding. early voting has already begun. i am looking for to go vote for president obama. host: when are you going to go do it? caller: me and my family are doing it all as a family. my wife is in the united states army, so she is actually the voting officer, so she is advocating that we all need to go as a family and do this. host: what do you do? caller: i am a stay at home dad right now. it as kind of been hard to find
9:54 am
a job going from different state to state, but there have been things that help out, like the different programs put in place for me to go to school to get retrained to get a good paying job. host: how many kids do you have? caller: i have three kids. host: is the military a career for your wife? caller: yes, it is. host: when you talk to her fellow military members, do you find them to be republican, democrat? what? caller: i would say that because my wife -- she is a junior officer, she is a major, so it seems like to me that a lot of the kind of higher-ranking officers, in a more lenient towards the republican side -- they more lean towards the
9:55 am
republican side, and when you look to her, jr. range and lower range are leaning more towards obama. let me tell you this right quick. for those who are listening, when our president has had his hands tied by our congress from the day of his inauguration, instead of attending his inauguration, they had a meeting to say that they are going to make him a one-term president by any means necessary, to me that is treasonous in itself. for this man cannot even raise his hand to say his oath, not even do his job yet, to say that we are going to do everything -- host: how is that treasonous? isn't that their job as republicans to prevent re- election, just as the democrats try to do that to republican presidents? caller: you are right -- well, i apologize, i guess not treasonous -- it is not
9:56 am
treasonous. host: don't apologize. caller: i never heard democrats have a meeting saying we will not make bush president, or clinton president, or jimmy carter. just like today, the house knocked down a bill that was paid for that would put millions, millions of veterans, millions of the veterans jobs, and all republicans in the house -- congress, plus three democrats, voted against this bill, and was paid for. did not affect our budget. host: how old are your kids? caller: 11, 8, and two years old. host: i would think it would be easier to have a job than to stay home with those three.
9:57 am
caller: [laughter] when you look at the fact of the things that me and my wife have put in place to where our kids will have something in the future -- we are homeowners, we own two homes. when we are gone, these houses will be passed on to our kids, so they don't have to worry about these types of situations now in the future. host: that was john in north carolina. joe in west virginia on our support governor romney outlined. early voting opened in west virginia? caller: it open on the 24th. host: how did you do it? caller: i have not done it yet it is not open on the 24th. it starts tomorrow. i want you to give me some time.
9:58 am
i'm a democrat, ok? i have always been a democrat. but i am voting for romney, obama. -- because i do not trust obama. as far as the guy before that said that congress doesn't help him, hey, he had congress and everything for two years, the complete winehouse. he did -- complete white house. he did nothing except his obamacare. coyer earlier there was a guy who said he was a muslim. there was george shnopolos -- he said he was a muslim, because he was asked a question and he said "my muslim faith." go back to that tape and gm's
9:59 am
often admitted he was a muslim. i don not believe anything he says big he is too busy going on these talk shows and stuff. nothing wrong with that, if you want to do that, fine. but don't let the country go by when he is busy playing golf and going on all of these tv shows. host: we are going to have to leave it there. as we mentioned earlier, there are four campaign events that we will be covering why on c-span today -- live on c-span today. there is an event at delray beach at kennecott hundred mitt romney in n

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